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add to favorites nO.3 - ROMEO X STRAWBERRY DELIGHT Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
A very attractive , large, RECURVED BLOOM, white throated Pastel bred by Dr. Rob Bennett. We crossed this with Strawberry Delight ( our best SHOWBENCH QUALITY, semi- Piccottee) ex Etzel Nuss.
add to favorites No.5 - BELLA DONNA OPRAH YELLOW X (LIGHT HOUSE X BDO) Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
Bella Donna Oprah Yellow One of the many beauties bred out of Celia`s famous Bella Donna Oprah. (LIGHTHOUSE X BDO) exceptional!!!
add to favorites No. 7 TAMMY x TAMLYN. Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
TAMMY X TAMLYN - 2 of our best Tipperary Green Centre. Note the beautiful red markings outlining the petals.Exceptional!! Our Green Centred Tipperary Peaches are breeding true.
add to favorites No.8 . (ORIBI YELLOW X NATAL YELLOW) X ZOL Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
(ORIBI YELLOW X NATAL YELLOW) ZOL - A beautiful green centred Pastel Piccottee from the Narcotics series.
add to favorites No.9 COPPER KING X AUTUMN JADE Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
COPPER KING ( A Beautiful copper/ Bronze) X AUTUMN JADE- Dark Bronze , with a striking Green Centre. LARGE BLOOMS!
add to favorites No.10 -POT `O GOLD X MARY POPPINS Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
POT ` O GOLD- This beauty is out of Vico Yellow and Chubb`s Tips the Scale Peach. MARY POPPINS - A Full umbel, recurved Salmon, which pinks up as it ages. OUTSTANDING!!
add to favorites No.11 - EAST MEETS WEST 4684 X HIRAO Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
EAST MEETS WEST 4684 - A Blushed yellow from our East Meets West Series. We crossed this with our Best Hirao.
add to favorites No.12 - CAMEO X (CAMEO X HIRAO) Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
CAMEO- A Showwinning Green Centred Pastel. Has bred magnificent plants. (CAMEO X HIRAO)- one of the many beauties bred out of Cameo . One Multi-Petal.
add to favorites No.13 -TKO x J.H. HIRAO X BEST HIRAO Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
TKO x J.H. HIRAO - SPECTACULAR. Best Hirao - ex Shige , Japan. Described by Shige, as his Best Breeding Hirao.
add to favorites No.14 - KHOWE YELLOW X (BRONZE MULTI-PETAL X DAGGA COOKIE) Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
Khowe Yellow- A quality group 2 , green centred Yellow ex Sean Chubb. (Bronze Multi-Petal x Dagga Cookie) Beautiful!
add to favorites No.15 - (NATAL YELLOW X NAUDE PEACH) X HIRAO X HIRAO Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
(NATAL YELLOW X NAUDE PEACH) X ZOL ZOL - A beautiful green centred Pastel Piccottee from Sean Chubbs` Narcotics series.
add to favorites nO.17 - MAGGIE`S FORTUNE X APOLINE Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
Maggie`s Fortune- An exceptional full umbel, recurved petal, group 1 yellow. Apoline- a highly sought after Showwinning Yellow!
add to favorites No.19 - (JOHAN JADE X NEW ZEALAND JADE) X ZOL Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
(Johan Jade x New Zealand Jade) A Burnt Orange with a striking Green Centre . It has produced some magnificent Green Throat offspring!! ZOL - This striking green centred Pastel is from Sean Chubbs Narcotics series.
add to favorites No.20 - MARY-LOU X ANGELICA Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
Mary -Lou This delightful green centred Pastel is very beautiful, with its soft peach colouring. Angelica- Our best green centred Pastel! Has produced some gorgeous offspring!!
add to favorites No.21- LULLABYE X DOOLEY Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
Lullabye- a group 1 , green centred Peach. Dooley- This outstanding Group 1 , green centred Peach is ex Felicity Weeden.
add to favorites No.22 - CROWN PRINCE X SERENE Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
CROWN PRINCE - A Showbench quality Bronze bred by Bertie Guillamie. EXCEPTIONAL!! SERENE - Our best green centred yellow. Both these plants present beautifully. Majestic!!
add to favorites No.23 - JESSIE X DOOLEY Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
JESSIE - A group 1, green centred Peach. Showwinner ! DOOLEY - ex Felicity Weeden. Both Showbench quality, Group 1 peaches!
add to favorites No.24 -SALMON GODDESS X APOLINE Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
SALMON GODDESS - Out of Salmon Queen . Enormous blooms, on a well presented, large umbel!!! Apoline- Highly sought after full umbel , recurved petal Yellow. Numerous times SHOWWINNER!!
add to favorites No.25 - BRONZE GREEN THROAT 373 X SERENGETTI Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
BRONZE GREEN THROAT 373 SERENGETTI - A very dark green centred red from Celia`s African Route Range Series.
add to favorites No.26 - TAMLYN X TAMMY Clivia Seed 2018-02-18
Tamlyn- A green centred Tipperary. The green centred Tipperarys are breeding true. TAMMY Both have beautiful red markings on the edges of the petals. Very attractive!!