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add to favorites No.2- ANDREW GIBSON. Clivia Plants
Andrew Gibson-a Cream /Yellow, with a soft pink colouring on the ends of the petals. This plant is from Habitat(found in the Karkloof). Andrew Gibson is producing some STUNNING offspring . A must for any collector . It is a mature offset. CLICK ON THE PIC TO ENLARGE
add to favorites No.49 - Coromandel Clivia Seedlings
Coromandel - These seedlings are the offspring of the Mother plants in the pic.They are semi broad/ broad leaf, and range in colour from dark orange to red.These are our best Sellers at our sale in Sept Seedlings are 4 +_leaf. Minimum order of 20.
add to favorites No. 134 - MengHuan x Daruma Blushed yellow Clivia Seedlings
Pod parents (MengHuan) are Beautiful Chinese Blush Yellows , bred from GuoLan Yellow x Monk Daruma Yellow.The pics are sample pics of MengHuan Mother plants. Pollen parent- Daruma blushed yellow. Expect at least 50% Blush Yellows . We have flowered some and they are gorgeous . ALL of these seedlings have exceptional handsome leaves ,,, Highly Recomended ! NB . All Chinese Blush Yellows are PIGmented and produce RED berries . Seedlings are 4/5 leaf.
add to favorites No. 84 - Chinese Light of Buddha Clivia Seedlings
Chinese Light of Buddha. These seedlings have a minimum of 4 leaves. 12 seedlings available.
add to favorites No.77 - PATCHES Clivia Plants
Patches- Seeing is beleiving !!! .Just outstanding takes " Pride of place " in our lounge during flowering season .SHOW BENCH QUALITY .The best water color clivia I have seen . Offsets are mature.
add to favorites No.67 - KLEIN ERDA Clivia Plants
KLEIN ERDA- This pastel beauty with a large white throat, is bred by Bertie Guillamie. Offsets are mature. Klein Erda has bred some magnificent offspring!!
add to favorites No.68 - GRACE KELLY Clivia Plants
Grace Kelly - A beautiful soft Peach, bred out of Bonny`s Peach 02. SHOW BENCH QUALITY!! SOLD!!!
add to favorites No.119- JACK VAN RENSBURG. Clivia Plants
A very handsome Broad Leaf Red. The offset is mature.
add to favorites No.120 - TIPPERARY PEACH Clivia Plants
Tipperary Peach. The collage are sample pics of our Tipperary Peach Mother plants. The 2nd pic is a pic of the actual Tipperary`s.
add to favorites No.124 - MopiHirt Clivia Plants
MopiHirt This offset is mature.
add to favorites No.144 - CROWN JEWEL x HIRAO Clivia Seedlings
Crown Jewel- a beautiful green centred red. We have crossed this with our Hirao No.1 Seedlings are 4 leaf.
add to favorites No.136 - ALIDA Clivia Plants
Alida - A beautiful salmon/pink bred by the Guillamie.(Has bred some beautiful offspring) The offset is mature.
add to favorites No.185 - GIANT YELLOW X OLYMPIC PINK Clivia Seedlings
Giant Yellow x Olympic Pink(ex Pat Gore) Double click on images to enlarge!! Seedlings are 4+ leaf.
add to favorites No.187 - MIXED BRONZE GREEN THROATS X HIRAO Clivia Seedlings
Mixed Bronze Green throats x Hirao. These are seedlings from mixed Bronze green Throats crossed with Hirao. The Collage pics are sample pics of some of our Bronze green Throat Mother plants. The seedlings have a minimum of 3 leaves.
add to favorites No.200- NATAL YELLOW X ZOL Clivia Seedlings
Natal Yellow x Zol. Outcomes of this cross are unknown. We expect Green / Yellows from the Unpigmented and Some Green throat ,pink Picotees from the Pigmented seedlings :) Seedlings have a minimum of 2 leaves, and are pigmented and unpigmented. You may choose.
add to favorites No.192 - (JOHAN JADE X NEW ZEALAND JADE) X CHERRY CHOC Clivia Seedlings
(Johan Jade x New Zealand Jade). We have crossed this with Cherry Choc( a beautiful,green centred dark Red). Both striking green centres! Seedlings are 2 leaf.
add to favorites No.199 - TINO`S PRIDE X ANGELICA Clivia Seedlings
TINO`S PRIDE (a lovely Pastel, ex Tino Ferrero) x with our beautiful Angelica. Seedlings have a minimum of 3 leaves.
add to favorites No.133 - VARIGATE No. 27 Clivia Plants
VARIGATE No.27 Leaf Dimensions Length - 600mm Width - 40mm
add to favorites No.190 - SALMON QUEEN X ANGELICA Clivia Seedlings
Salmon Queen - a beautiful Showbench quality, Pastel. We have crossed this with Angelica, an OUTSTANDING green centred Pastel!! Seedlings are 2 leaf.
add to favorites No.130 - VARIGATED No..21 Clivia Plants
Varigated No.21 Leaf Dimensions Length - 500mm Width - 63 mm